Whole Community Transformation Programme

RCE Greater Gombak aims to transform and empower the community towards sustainable development at all levels of community in line with the spirit of “leaving-no-one-behind” in upholding equity, ethics, and justice.

1. Constituency-Based Community Engagement Programme APPGM-SDG

2. Leadership Development for Teachers and Youth Leadership Fellowship Programme in Private Islamic Schools(READ).

3. Greater Gombak Animal Shelter Project

4. Whole Community Transformation Through ‘Feed to Educate’

5. Capacity Building for Islam, Peace, and Civilzational Development: Engaging Extremist, Terrorism, and Conflict Through Education for Sustainability (2019-2020); #2Lead4Peace

6. Jalinan Siswa Bersama Masyarakat Asli Club (JASA) Mentoring Enviro-Camp

4. Living in Fortuitious Era (LIFE)