Jaringan Mesra Peribumi Ulu Tembeling Programme 2021

Community Engagement Programme with the Indigenous Community in Ulu Tembeling


This programme is one of the components of educational development for the Indigenous community throughout the country. It reflects the function of an RCE in a way that the efforts to empower the community can be more integrated and made more sustainable through the multiple stakeholders’ collaboration. Furthermore, it will encourage unity and cooperation among all involved in ensuring the quality of education for the Indigenous community, while increasing the value of knowledge and action regarding education sustainability and humanity in the country.


The objectives of the programme include to:

  • Build networks with the Indigenous community at KOA Sungai Kuching & KOA Ulu Sat
  • Map the needs of the community for future engagement in the long-run
  • Raise awareness and understanding of the value of education in the community
  • Provide educational assistance services to parents, teachers and students of the community