Mission - Long term

To establish and strengthen the Quadruple Helix model of collaboration between the University, the local Gombak and wider Community, the industry, and the related administrative agencies in achieving the following goals.

1. To build a society that is socially resilient, culturally sustainable,  environmentally friendly and economically viable.
2. To facilitate the development of regenerative heritage (natural, man-made, and cultural organic) through a Quadruple Helix model of collaboration. 3. To establish the Real-world Lab platforms which address cross-cutting issues i.e. social, environment, and economy by implementing transdisciplinary approach.
4. To conserve the natural resources in the Gombak area through the establishment of UNESCO World Heritage site.
5. To upscale the local community quality of life by instilling sustainable economic and social-cultural values to promote harmonious society synergistically.

Mission Statement - Short term

1. To empower the society in addressing the social, cultural, environmental, and economic issues through various platform of collaborations.
2. To establish the baseline data, heritage profile and the exhibition of the heritage in the current context.
3. To identify the cross-cutting issues and challenges at the local level and formalize the existing natural and cultural resources as nascent Real-world (living-learning) lab for implementation of ESD.
4. To facilitate the integration of ESD in the final dossier for the UNESCO World Heritage site submission.