RCE Logo-vert-colo

The RCE Greater Gombak logo was introduced on 10 June 2020 during the soft launch of RCEG2. It resembles the principles and values of the institution in transforming the world into a sustainable community.

The logo is designed in the shape of a heart to depict the following:

  1. The main framework of the RCE based on the 3S of Spirituality and Sejahtera with respect to Sustainability.
  2. The holistic focus towards humanity as part of the Whole-Institution or -Community Transformation.
  3. The “inside-out” approach in balancing the prevailing approach that is inclined towards the reverse.

The second G which is flipped in the form of figure 2 (in gold) gives the heart a stylised look of ‘Q’ symbolising ‘quality‘ as the core value for the 3S.

Quality heart (read: sincerity, humility and compassion) is the primary driving force that ensures the dynamics of Greater Gombak remains impactful and relevant at all times. And under all circumstances in deriving meaning through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for all.

The fact that RCE Greater Gombak operates on the basis of functionality rather than by the conventional geographical designation, is further emphasised by the heart-shaped logo. That is, more interconnected through values or substances instead of limited by the form. As such Greater Gombak works beyond geographical boundaries cutting across locations where the University campuses are situated. Indeed, currently it straddles over the three states of Selangor, Pahang and Johor in the peninsula, and is bound to involve others in due time.

The three colours that brighten the logo represent that of nature (turquoise), and of distinctiveness (gold); both of which embrace a purple-coloured (violet) heart emoji [💜] that commonly stands for true love, kindness, empathy, honour and a deep sense of sacrifice. Being the last colour of the rainbow, it further underlines the need for universal connectivity that sustains humanity through diversity of values.