The project was able to shape, posit and sustain activities related to quality education and curriculum development. The participants (teachers and students) were selected from the stakeholders’ schools. Most of the schools are situated in the urban, sub-urban in which the background of the students are relatively high-middle income groups. Whilst the rural school students were mainly from the lower income group. Undoubtedly, the project has tried to bridge the shortage of facilities in the rural areas. Fortunately, the project has succeeded in getting the best alternative to ensure all participants get the same input and quality training and teaching.

Private Islamic schools teachers are deprived from quality trainings. This project addressed the need to quality teacher training through multiple partnerships in line with SDG 4.c. Having insufficient interactions with diverse communities and cultures due to the nature of private Islamic schools (in general), modules on Civic Engagement and Diversity and Culturally Responsive Teaching were introduced with aim to achieve SDG 4.7. With the spirit of leaving no one behind, the equitable and quality education gaps between public and private Islamic schools especially in rural settings were examined leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes (SDG 4.1).

As the tagline speaks, “training teachers to empower youth”, RCE Greater Gombak (through the Education Faculty of IIUM), with the support from the US Embassy had come together to develop curriculum for Youth and Future Leaders from Private Islamic Schools around Malaysia. Given the title of the project, READ: Training Teachers to empower youth; READ stands for Resilient, Empowerment and Active Decision makers. Curriculum outlined were designed (Except for Hikmah Pedagogy) and materials developed accordingly as none of the materials from the schools or from IIUM could cater for the objectives of the Project. Since Kulliyyah of Education provides expertise from different aspects of Education, it is only wise to construct and develop these materials with the help of lecturers from Education. Thus, the project was able to shape, posit and sustain activities related to quality education and curriculum development.

With 4 phases, 8 modules, READ project provided hybrid platforms for quality teacher training and youth leadership curriculum at selected Private Islamic Schools across Malaysia. As a result, the teachers and students are now Resilient, Empowered and become Active Decision Makers as the tagline speaks, “Training Teachers to Empower Youth.”

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