We are delighted to share that International Islamic University Malaysia has been selected as finalist for The International Green Gown Award 2020 for two categories; 

1. Whole Institution Transformation for Humanising University Making a Novelty (WIT for HUMAN) is a project selected as finalist for Sustainability Institutions of The Year Category.

2. LIGHT: Leadership for Social Empowerment is a project selected as finalist for Benefitting Society Category.


The International Green Gown Awards are endorsed by United Nations Environment and are supported by The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and International Association of Universities (IAU).  


For more details on the award and other finalists, visit https://www.greengownawards.org/international-greengownawards-2020-finalists

W-hole I-nstitution T-Transformation for H-umanising U-niversity, Making A Novelty – WIT for HUMAN


The continuous change in the higher education landscape has forced universities to respond with a diverse model of university to make themselves relevant. Despite a more demanding need for a contextualised model, the predominant force of neoliberalism still significantly influences and shapes the outcome. 


Against this trend, IIUM has embarked on a journey to showcase a Malaysian model of university that addresses Sustainable Development issues in a holistic manner taking the whole institutional transformation (WIT) process as its approach. 


This WIT model hopes to change the university ecosystem by pushing the university agenda to systemically and systematically serve the community together with other stakeholders – the government agencies and industries/business players. Towards implementing the WIT, IIUM has outlined two clusters of changes initiatives – structural change to break the institutional silos (holacracy), knowledge management change to bridge inter-faculties interaction towards generating and disseminating new knowledge for sustainability (shared platform). 


This WIT approach through the two initiatives is aiming at making IIUM a multidimensional enterprise that draws on the full range of human capacities for learning to know, learning to do, learning to be and learning to live together – in the spirit of making W-hole I-nstitution T-Transformation for H-umanising U-niversity, Making A Novelty – WIT for HUMAN